MEGASHIBAZILLA One Zilla To Rule Them All

MegaShibaZilla is a meme-token that combines the positive aspects of other successful “Zilla” tokenomics with the hype of strong “marketing” potential


Here to take over all other Zilla projects!

MEGASHIBAZILLA is a brand new project based on the Binance Smart Chain network!
The team here at MEGASHIBAZILLA are well experienced in the BSC space and have everything in place to ensure that this is a successful project!

Locked Liquidity

Here at MEGASHIBAZILLA, we value the safety of our investors! Therefore our liquidity has been locked for 1 year.

Fair Launch

MEGASHIBAZILLA was a fair launch with a starting liquidity of 1 BNB! We now have a stable LP due to our 5% LP tax.

Staking / NFTs

Here at MEGASHIBAZILLA, we have plans of releasing our own staking platform as well as NFT's!

Our way

Road Map

Have a look at our roadmap to see our plans!

Phase 1

- Set up our social media
- Launch website
- Influencer shout-outs
- Launch contract
- Reach 1000 holders

Phase 2

- Expand marketing campaign
- PooCoin adverts
- Have our contract audited
- Reach 5000 holders

Phase 3

- CMC listing
- CG listing
- Staking Platform
- Release our own NFT's
- Reach 10,000 holders
- Community giveaways

Q3 2022

To be announced

How to set up your MetaMask Wallet and purchase MEGASHIBAZILLA

Please watch the following video to see how to set up your MetaMask Wallet. This will be needed to purchase MEGASHIBAZILLA. After this is done, please follow these steps:

  1. Download TrustWallet
  2. Purchase BNB on TrustWallet and convert it to Smart Chain
  3. Once converted to Smart Chain send this over to your MetaMask wallet! To obtain your receiving address, go onto MetaMask and click receive on your wallet to get the address and ensure that you now send the BNB in your TrustWallet to this address
  4. Now you have Smart Chain BNB in your MetaMask wallet and now you connect to PancakeSwap 
  5. All you do from here is set your between 11-13% and enter the contract code (0xe37F5E9c1e8199bDA350243AAa50076959Ea13d2) and you are now ready to purchase MEGASHIBAZILLA


Token Distribution

MegaShibaZilla Tokenomics

MegaShibaZilla combines the best of both worlds with its unique tokenomics in the in a “Zilla” contract – ability to have a strong and secure liquidity pool that is locked for 1 year, and the ability to market our product, and still give back to investors that hold.

  • 5% Liquidity
  • 5% Marketing
  • 1% Reflections
  • Type: BEP20
  • Symbol: MSZ
  • Platform: Binance
  • General release: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 MSZ
General description

Ultimately, MegaShibaZilla is a meme token with a whole lot of utility and “Marketing Firepower”. MegaShibaZilla wants to create long lasting activity in the community through outside the box thinking. Our ultimate goal is to innovate a platform that will change the BSC blockchain outside of our token for the good of al

Our brain

Our Awesome Team

John Snow
Zilla Boy
Website Designer
Tiny Temper


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